President's Letter: Class of 1948

Dear Thrivers  (When you’ve lived as long as WE have,  you’ve earned the title!)

I write to you with love and greetings and Spring at my elbow.  As usual I have several requests!  Do PLEASE give them some serious thought!  That college where we all had such fun so many years ago and where we got all steamed up about life, love, and the future, needs our help.

My first request won’t surprise you. This college “year” (2016-2017) is over in June, only a month away. That fabulous “Classes of the 40s Participation Percentage Record” that we so proudly earned last year COULD be in jeopardy!

So help save the day .  We have JUST A MONTH to do so!  If you have not already made a gift to Wellesley this year, I hope you will, keeping in mind always that the size of your gift is not half as important as your participation.

Sadly, I must report that Cubby Lyons Hickock, who has kept us so wonderfully “in touch”  with each other for the past several years via the Wellesley mag, feels its time for her to step aside as our class correspondent. What a gap she leaves! Thank you, Cubby, over and over again, for all those wonderful drawings, for your love, and for your service to us and to Wellesley. It's something we’ll NEVER forget!

So Number 2 on my agenda is filling that gap. Hopefully it will be one of you   -   someone  happy to dredge up some news  from  among us 4 times a year to share with our Wellesley world in the mag. The word limit for 1948’s column is a non-threatening (500) so  it’s a real opportunity if by chance you have been longing for your own byline. I will be forever grateful!

And last, but not least, the class of 1948 is creeping up on an important  occasion in  June of 2018  -  our 70th  Reunion!!!!! But before all the fun and games,  a few tough decisions  must be made.   Here’s where YOUR thoughts, comments and opinions on the following  will  be of tremendous help  -   so   -  1.  Is there someone out there in the class of ’48 willing to chair our reunion with the extensive help of the Alumnae Office???  2.  Do you feel we need a slate of class officers???  3. What are your thoughts on a class record book  to be available at reunion time?

Please share your ideas with me at or snail mail me at 325 Ferris Hills, Canandaigua, NY14424.

Mulling over all the above TRIES to keep me awake nights, but the college assures me that “all will be well”    -    and wonderful Wellesley is ready, willing and able to step IN and handle anything WE feel we must step out of.




Nan Bloomer, President